Save the date! Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids | April 19-20, 2024


Making Movies with Your Friends from the Creators of Napoleon Dynamite

Limited quantities are available. The creators behind the beloved Napoleon Dynamite will share with audiences how they started making movies together as friends and continue to make movies together! Audiences will get to ask the filmmakers questions and get a sneak peek on upcoming projects and films they are making.

From Script To Screen: How to Turn Stories into TV Shows

Limited quantities are available. Co-creator of the Harmon Brothers’ hit children’s TV show, Tuttle Twins, Jonny Vance and Tuttle Twins writer, Zach Atherton break down their process on how they bring the Tuttle Twins to life. Watch an episode of the show with us and learn exercises to turn your stories into TV scripts.

Override Films Drone Demonstration

Limited quantities are available. Override Films will do a presentation of the cool drones they use to film commercials, TV, and movies. See how the drones are operated and the type of images and movies they capture!

Whether you love to watch films, want to explore the hands on activities at the Clubhouse, or do both, a day pass is your access to the Festival!

Each day pass includes the following perks: In-person films on a first come, first served basis

  • Clubhouse activities.
  • Free UTA transit to the Festival at Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center in Taylorsville

Each member of your group needs a pass to access Tumbleweeds. Workshops require additional registration and fee. 

Choose a Saturday day pass, a Sunday day pass, or both! 

Yes! Keep me updated on announcements for pass sales, ticket availability, film schedule, and workshop sales for 2023 Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids, April 22-23.