About the Festival

Tumbleweeds Film Festival showcases films about kids and for kids. The annual festival features a student film competition and presents workshops to engage Utah’s young and curious content creators. In its 13th year, it is the Mountain West’s longest-running independent film festival for kids. In 2024, we will offer the festival in partnership with Salt Lake County Libraries and Utah Education Network (UEN) and hold it at the Viridian Event Center in West Jordan on April 19th and 20th.

The Festival’s Guiding Values

Kids are at the Center – There is no one way to experience childhood and being a kid. Our films encourage curiosity, cultivate a sense of belonging, and aim to represent all Utah youth. Through our partnership with Utah Education Network, we provide further access to quality tools and filmmaking skill-building opportunities that help kids tell their stories. 

Accessibility – Thanks to a partnership with the Salt Lake County Library System, we can offer all in-person films at the Viridian Event Center for free. By placing the festival in the West Jordan community, we are in the middle of Salt Lake County, serving families from across the county and beyond. We welcome audiences of all abilities to participate in the festival. For more information, please see our accessibility practices for the festival. 

Industry Leaders – As leaders in K-12 media arts education, our staff seeks out best practices to share with Utah students, teachers, families, and communities. We hope that this helps caregivers and teachers encourage meaningful interactions with technology and media creation among Utah’s youth. By hosting special guest presentations by industry experts, we offer inspiration for kids to follow their passion into a career.

Tumbleweeds Film Festival is a program of the nonprofit Utah Film Center. The Film Center’s mission is to connect people, stories, and ideas through film exhibition, artist support, and media arts education. We amplify diverse perspectives and marginalized voices, empowering Utahns to make the world a better place through their creativity. By doing so we envision a community with a richer understanding of our neighbors, fellow human beings, and the world around us.

Whether you love to watch films, want to explore the hands on activities at the Clubhouse, or do both, a day pass is your access to the Festival!

Each day pass includes the following perks: In-person films on a first come, first served basis

  • Clubhouse activities.
  • Free UTA transit to the Festival at Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center in Taylorsville

Each member of your group needs a pass to access Tumbleweeds. Workshops require additional registration and fee. 

Choose a Saturday day pass, a Sunday day pass, or both! 

Yes! Keep me updated on announcements for pass sales, ticket availability, film schedule, and workshop sales for 2024 Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids, April 19-20.