Tumbleweeds Screening Policies

In-Person Free Film and Event Policies

  • All films at the 2024 Tumbleweeds Film Festival are FREE, but you must have a ticket to view the screening. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Tickets are limited to each event.
    Tickets do not guarantee entry into the event/film. If you are not in your seat 5 minutes before the start of the screening, your ticket might be released and given back to the public.
  • If you reserve a ticket in advance and cannot attend the event, please contact info@utahfilmcenter.org and let us know of your cancellation/release of tickets.


  • Reserving Tickets Before the Festival
    • Tickets are available to reserve for films and events before the Festival begins through our official website tumbleweedskids.org
  • Walk Up Tickets
    • While reservations are strongly recommended, walk-up tickets are available based on the quantity of tickets remaining after reservations.
  • Waitlist Tickets
    • If an in-person screening is sold out, Utah Film Center will have a waitlist for patrons who were not able to secure a ticket. Utah Film Center will start a waitlist 30 minutes before the screening, located at the entrance to the screening.
    • Utah Film Center staff will count empty seats and no-show tickets 5 minutes before the screening and release the tickets based on quantity in the order of the patrons that are placed on the waitlist.


  • All photography, videography, and audio recordings are strictly prohibited during the film screening.
    We reserve the right to deny tickets and/or entry and the right to ask attendees to leave.
  • Standing or sitting on the floor, or in the aisles, is not permitted at any venues due to fire code restrictions. Additional seating cannot be added. Once every existing seat is filled, the screening has reached capacity and the doors will be closed.
  • If you arrive after the film has begun, a Utah Film Center staff member can assist in identifying empty seats.

Online Festival Field Trip Screenings


  • Tickets are required for online screenings and are available through our Media Education department.
  • Learn more about Festival Field trips and how to request tickets here. The number of tickets available per film may vary.
  • Films may have restricted access based on geographic location. We will do our best to list these restrictions on our website and streaming platform, but do not make any guarantees that you will be able to access screenings even if you are within the predefined geographic location(s).
  • If you requested a ticket to a screening and cannot attend we ask that you email us at info@utahfilmcenter.org with your name and order number that you are unable to attend.



  • All photography, videography, and audio recordings are strictly prohibited during the film.
  • We reserve the right to limit or block users from using our streaming services.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we implement these policies. We constantly seek to make your movie going experience an amazing one! And as always, we appreciate your support of our mission to inspire and engage diverse audiences to initiate conversation and community building through curated film exhibition, educational programs, and artist support!

Whether you love to watch films, want to explore the hands on activities at the Clubhouse, or do both, a day pass is your access to the Festival!

Each day pass includes the following perks: In-person films on a first come, first served basis

  • Clubhouse activities.
  • Free UTA transit to the Festival at Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center in Taylorsville

Each member of your group needs a pass to access Tumbleweeds. Workshops require additional registration and fee. 

Choose a Saturday day pass, a Sunday day pass, or both! 

Yes! Keep me updated on announcements for pass sales, ticket availability, film schedule, and workshop sales for 2024 Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids, April 19-20.