Save the date! Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids | April 19-20, 2024



This event has concluded.

April 22, 2023 at 4:00 pm
$5 or Included with Day Pass
Viridian Event Center

My Life as Lotta – Okey Dokey Alpaca!

Lotta just cannot wait for her first school trip. But then it is not just Chanell, Cheyenne’s little sister, they have to take with them but also Lotta’s father volunteers to accompany the class as a chaperon! To make things worse, their new French classmate Rémi has a huge crush on Lotta. And as if that was not already bad enough, the youth hostel seems to be haunted: rooms disappear, Chanell disappears, and there are stories about a girl lost in the sand dunes. Are there any connections to an old legend of a poltergeist? Fortunately, there is Lotta´s gang the “Wild Rabbits” – you can always rely on them.

Directed by: Martina Plura
Runtime: 89 minutes
Year: 2022
Country: Germany
Content advisory: Not Rated – This film contains mild language, bodily humor and romantic situations that might not be suitable for all viewers.
Language: German
Subtitles: English – Listening devices will be available for audience members that prefer to have the subtitles read to them.
Cast: Meggy Hussong – Lotta Petermann / Yola Streese – Cheyenne Wawrceck / Timothy Scannell – Rémi Dubois / Levi Kazmaier – Paul Kohlhase

This event has concluded.

April 22, 2023 at 4:00 pm
$5 or Included with Day Pass
Viridian Event Center

Whether you love to watch films, want to explore the hands on activities at the Clubhouse, or do both, a day pass is your access to the Festival!

Each day pass includes the following perks: In-person films on a first come, first served basis

  • Clubhouse activities.
  • Free UTA transit to the Festival at Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center in Taylorsville

Each member of your group needs a pass to access Tumbleweeds. Workshops require additional registration and fee. 

Choose a Saturday day pass, a Sunday day pass, or both! 

Yes! Keep me updated on announcements for pass sales, ticket availability, film schedule, and workshop sales for 2024 Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids, April 19-20.