[PUBLIC] TWDS Shorts Celebration
April 20, 2024 at 9:00 am
Viridian Event Center

Tumbleweeds Festival Shorts Celebration 2024

A wide-ranging celebration of short films, including the best animated independent films this year and the winners of our own Tumbleweeds Kids Film Competition from 2023!


Directed by Stephanie Glover | 5 min | 2023 | USA Dramatic | Animated Non-Vocal

A determined, practical boy has a change of heart when his favorite food comes to life.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of “Blueberry”

Directed by Stephanie Glover | 5 min | 2023 | USA Dramatic | Live Action Screens in English

The creator of the animated short “Blueberry” gives insight to the inspiration, planing, collaboration, and production involved in making this film.


Directed by Cleto Acosta-McKillop | 8 min | 2023 | USA Dramatic | Animated Non-Vocal

Based on the Japanese legend of the lucky cats, Kintsugi tells a story of a traditional lucky cat of Japan that is threatened and jealous when a newer, modern version of a lucky cat is placed at the business next door. Blinded by his own insecurities he fails to see what made him unique and special in the first place. An enthralling short animated children’s fantasy with a unique and youthful perspective on comparing yourself to others and embracing your flaws and imperfections with Kintsugi.

An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It

Directed by Lachlan Pendragon | 11 min | 2022 | Australia Dramatic | Animated Screens in English

When a young telemarketer is confronted by a mysterious talking ostrich, he learns that the universe is stop motion animation. He must put aside his dwindling toaster sales and focus on convincing his colleagues of his terrifying discovery. It’s scary business living in a stop motion world, where your faces come off and a giant hand controls your every move.

All is Not Lost

Directed by Daniel Mark Greaves & Ruth Beni | 11 min | United Kingdom Dramatic | Animated Non-Vocal

When a cataclysmic volcanic eruption flings a jumble of debris deep into a dark underground cave, these shattered components of life, an assortment of shells, sticks, eyes, rocks and limbs driven by the eternal instinct for survival, quickly reassemble into new living creatures.


Directed by Sloan Henderson | 2 min | USA Dramatic | Live Action Screens in English

This 2023 Tumbleweeds Kids Film Competition winner tells the story of Dinohorse, a half-dinosaur-half-horse critter, and their positive outlook on making friends and having fun.


Directed by James Calderwood | 2 min | USA Dramatic | Live Action Non-Vocal

A fifth grade student accidentally sleeps through his alarm. Watch as he uses creative methods to get to school on time in this fast-paced 2023 Tumbleweeds Kids Film Competition winner.

Sister Sister Jinx

Directed by Sophia McDonald | 3 min | USA Dramatic | Live Action Screens in English

Sibling rivalry can get intense. Mischievous mystery ensues when a girl topples her younger sister’s tower of blocks in this 2023 Tumbleweeds Kids Film Competition winner.

Directed by: Various
Runtime: 53 minutes
Country: Various
Language: English, Non-Vocal
Captions: Yes
Film format: Digital
April 20, 2024 at 9:00 am
Viridian Event Center

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